How to categorize your products in 2022

2021 is coming to an end and it can be said that it was another moving year for businesses. The pandemic has complicated many people’s lives, but that wasn’t all: organizations have also faced many challenges that came along with COVID. Business technology, however, remained to develop. These technological developments brought along some challenges themselves as well, and organizations need to adapt to those developments in order to remain competitive advantage.

One of such challenges is keeping up with data technologies. With an increasing impact of artificial intelligence on business processes, it is a necessity to have your data properly organized. Proper data management can namely be a first step in keeping up with developments in artificial intelligence. After this first step, there are countless possibilities to increase efficiency in multiple business processes.

Increasing business efficiency

Many wholesalers and retailers get their data from suppliers. Suppliers may deliver them in different formats which could create a chaotic pool of data: therefore, it is necessary to organize your data. This is part of proper data management which could have positive influences on your organization’s business efficiency. By combining your proper product data with artificial intelligence, you are able to generate unique and qualitative product descriptions, convert your suppliers’ data model to your own model, and detect relationships between products to increase your cross- and upselling possibilities. It can be concluded that data management can be a foundation for efficiency-increasing and therefore, money-making opportunities.

Another opportunity that occurs when your data is managed accurately, is that you could classify your products with the help of artificial intelligence. Certain software tools are able to automatically categorize products based on product features provided by your suppliers. Using such tools could be a time-saving solution that would save your organization a lot of unnecessary costs. So, are you a retailer or wholesaler that sells many products? Do you also lose a lot of valuable time on categorizing your products? We may have a great solution for you. software

As mentioned, there are certain tools that can take a huge part of the work load off in some business processes. is such a tool: it uses smart algorithms to try and predict to which category a product belongs. The software predicts this based on existing product data, which may be delivered by your supplier or is extracted by yourself. This automated solution will save your organization lots of valuable time that would otherwise be spent on manually classifying products, which is truly inefficient, especially for stores that sell over 1000 products. Moreover, the man-hours that would have been spent on this cost a lot of money. By using the tool, both time and money can be saved in order to increase your business’s efficiency.

Automating business processes

Proper data management can be a starting point for new possibilities. Artificial intelligence offers more and more solutions that help you automate your business processes while saving lots of valuable time and money. is part of the range of PowerSuite solutions that all focus on increasing your efficiency and saving unnecessary costs. Achieving proper data management is also part of our smart solutions: for example, can help you enrich your existing data based on external sources like PDFs, websites, and images. scans your existing data set and tries to detect anomalies, inconsistencies, and unlikely data values, all to improve the quality o

f your data. Artificial intelligence provides new opportunities to optimize business processes with data. Are you prepared for this new way of doing business?

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